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Lightning Protection Design Service

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Location : India

Product Description :

We are service provider of Lightning Protection Design Service.


  • Lightning is an atmospheric electrical discharge (spark) accompanied by thunder, produced by cumulonimbus clouds.
  • During the discharge of atmospheric electricity, there is a leader of the bolt of lightning. The leader steps into many branches and can travel at a speed of 220,000 km/h, and it can reach a temperature of around 30,000℃.
  • Most lightning strikes average 3200 to 4800 meters long, and carry a current of more than 10 kA at 100 million Volts.
  • There are over 1.4 billion lightning flashes worldwide every year, and there are around 8,640,000 strikes a day on an average i.e. 100 strikes per second.


Protection Methods



  1. Review the existing lightening protection system against national and international standards and correction and addition in the system to comply with various applicable standards for plant along with risk analysis.
  2. Study of maintenance aspects of lightening protection and suggest suitable corrective actions in existing system.
  3. Risk analysis reports with all as build drawings, reference standards applicable for plant

National and International Standards

  1. IS 2309 – Protection of Buildings and Allied Structures Against Lightning
  2. IS 3043 – Code of Practice for Earthing.
  3. IS 7689 – Code for Control of Undesirable Static Electricity.
  4. NFPA 780 – Standard for the installation of Lightning Protection Systems
  5. IEC 62305 – Protection against Lightning.
  6. IEEE 988 – IEEE Guide for Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of Substations
  7. OISD 180 – Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD)
Product Specification :
Location : India
Wire Consultancy

Address : GF, F-70, West Vinod Nagar
Email :
Mobile : 9810827158
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